Lung Ha Wan Loop, Clearwater Bay Country Park, Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung, Hong Kong |

Lung Ha Wan Loop

Clearwater Bay Country Park
Length6.6 kmElevation gain346 mRoute typeLoop

Try this 6.6-km loop trail near Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 2 h 22 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking and walking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring.

HikingWalkingBeachPartially pavedViewsWildflowersWildlifeNo shade
Lung Ha Wan (龍蝦灣) located on the north side of Clear Water Bay Country Park (清水灣郊野公園). This bay is also known as Lobster Bay or Tai Leng Tung. This trail is known for its famous rock carving and monument. Other attractions you will pass by are: Ping Tok Hang Shan and Tai Leung Tung. There are bathrooms on the trail, these are located near the viewing points. It is recommended to check the weather before coming in order to get the best uncovered views.
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Too hot

Challenging in the e

Descent views

Conditions: Great!

Long sleeves and pants to hike here. It’s not difficult. This is okay to go with kids, who like walking in nature.

Started at around 3:30pm and it was the perfect time. Sunset was at 6pm, but we were done by then. The initial ascent was plenty of stairs and quite sunny, but none of the rocks were slippery. Then, after the first peak, it is mild inclines up and down, though the steps require a bit of stretching and caution since the orientations were weird. It was a gorgeous hike, since the views were all-around during golden hour at around 4:30pm onwards. It was the perfect golden hour hike as we reached pavement by 5:30pm, despite chilling at and exploring the Lobster Bay Kite Flying Area, which also had equestrians before reaching it. A perfect Thursday golden hour hike.

Conditions: Great!

Best to bring a hat and lots of water as it has little shade. View on top was amazing.

Can be done from both ends.

Trail is nice. Getting to/returning from trail by road is boring and long

Good hike not too difficult Loop at the end is the tree walk which is Interesting but not challenging

Nice walk, great views from the summit

Nice and not very difficult ! Nice view

Take cab in and out for trail efficiency. Dont take the side tracks as they are unmaintained and hard to navigate. Coming up from reverse is slightly easier as upward track is continuous stairs but the views are better when you so the proper course

Easy, partly shaded

Beautiful! One of the best hikes we’ve done but it hot crowded on the home stretch on a public holiday

Nice, but need some good shoes and hiking experiences.

Yellow shoes

With YJ

Nice view. Easy access.

we went counter clockwise which is a smart move. first 20ish minutes is an incline then it’s a breeze. great view

Conditions: No shade


Bring some long pants and make time for a swim

Definitely not for me . Too steep. I need more cardio exercise before I attempt this

One of my favorites. Today was super misty and hazy - couldn’t see a thing at some pints - but still nice. Just wouldn’t recommend to come in weather like today’s for your first time on this great hike.

Usually a nice short hike with great views of Sai Kung/Clearwater Bay - unfortunately this time went on a very misty/cloudy day. Dirt/stone path until the very end, which is on paved Lung Ha Wan (Lobster Bay) Road. Mostly uphill (200 m) for first third, then gentle slope (100 m) at very end.

Easy , nice views but too crowded on week ends and a lot of littering:-(

Too many people

Not to hard, lots of steps on the way down and great views. Don’t bother visiting the village at the bottom. It’s very boring, residential only and doesn’t even have a single shop.

Conditions: Great!

Easy, accessible, and has beautiful view. Perfect for a recovery walk or quick one for the day.

Clear Water Bay Country Park Tree Walk + Lung Ha Wan Country Trail + Lung Ha Wan Road Climb

steep steps going up but after the first 30mins it was a scenic and nice hike