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Wilson Trail: Section 1 and 2

Tai Tam Country Park
Length10.8 kmElevation gain894 mRoute typePoint to point

Explore this 10.8-km point-to-point trail near Stanley, Southern. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 5 h 7 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking and walking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime.

HikingWalkingPartially pavedViewsWildflowersWildlife
Wilson Trail: Section 1 and 2 1: Stanley Gap Road to Wong Nai Chung Reservoir 2: Wong Nai Chung Reservoir to Lam Tin A trail with variety, it starts in the city and goes on partially paved/rocky/sandy paths, and stairs. At the top, there are great views overlooking Hong Kong. The Wilson Trail is a through trail. Check out the other downloadable trails here: https://www.alltrails.com/lists/wilson-trail--3
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Lots of stairs up the twins - if you’ve got bad knees be careful on the way down! Stunning views of the south side of the island. Section 2 has a fair few stairs too, but a lot more flats and some really nice views of the eastern and western parts of the harbour along the way. Interesting WWII outdoor cooking ovens towards the end.

Little shade so sun proof is necessary; and intense up-and-downs even though the trail length looks not much. Best to do it on a cool and dry day.

Conditions: No shade

I recommend ascending from Taikoo to Quarry gap (instead of Siu Ma Shan) in the morning to witness the dissipation of fog that gathers around Mt Butler almost every morning of spring and fall. Quarry bay tree walk also does not offer many good views. Ascent from Taikoo consists of slopes and shades, and ascent from Stanley consists of a thousand steps with the sun at your back.

North Point ferry bus terminal 63 bus to Stanley take the water trough trail to Wilson trail head and go through twins, Jardin point, xiao ma Shan then go down to the left following Cecil's ride to Po Luen Path down to the north point subway station

Avoid hot weather!

Great workout n view across HK Island. Covered The Twins, Violet Hill, Mt Parker, Mt Butler, Jardine lookout, Mt Nicholson and Mt Cameroon

A trail of variety, start in the city climb up a long concrete road passing wild boar, begin up the stairs protected by covered trees, reach the top for great views, walk along Sandy rocky paths….. ascend and descend lots and lots of steps !!!!!

It will be tiring trip.

Very difficult at 31 degree cel and sunny day! Be careful.

First hour was mildly taxing compensated by a freeze followed by a gentle warm down

Nice view.

perfect to break the sweat for experienced hikers. quite a challenge for beginners.

Good hike with great views, but a lot of stairs (mostly paved). Almost no flat parts, especially in section 1, making it a though one. Also note that there is very little shade. But the views are totally worth it!

Conditions: No shade

Good effort

Many steps but worth it

Conditions: Great!

It was challenging, but very satisfying hike. Beautiful views along entire trail, Section 1 didn’t disappoint with number of stairs to climb.


Loved it! Definitely a challenge and needed 3-4 bottles of water on a sunny day. The views were worth it all!

It was amazing! Shade is sparse, but the vistas make up for it.

Conditions: No shade, Great!

Hike from Stanley, it’s a lot easier on the knees!

Conditions: Great!

One of the most toughest section

Conditions: Rocky

I usually don't think HK Hiking is tough this course is challenging. It took 3 and half hours for me who is doing regular exercise. Will def try again for Impressive nice view Recommend to start early morning and chill on stanley beach

AmaIng trail. Very tough but great views.

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Wilson Trail Section 1 (4.8km) and Section 2 (6.6km) in Hong Kong Island. For more information, visit the government's hiking website at https://www.hiking.gov.hk/trail/.